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Forex Japan

After her father's sudden passing in 2013, our principal, Coco Masuda, succeeded a small Tokyo-based shipping and remittance company catering to the Filipinos living in Japan.

She embarked on the total renewal of the company's branding, including the company name from "Forex Interweb." To stand out in a crowded niche market, she created a colorful and friendly identity through ad campaigns and marketing materials that feature the actual staff of Forex Japan.

After reviving the company within two and half years, Masuda sold the business to a direct competitor. 

Client: Forex Japan

Sector: Shipping / Finance

Art Director / Graphic Designer: Coco Masuda

Forex Japan logo type and logo mark
Forex Japan boxes
Forex Japan Van
Forex Japan Website
Forex Japan poster
Forex Japan & BDO co-branding ad
Forex Japan holiday ad
Forex Japan remittance brochure
Forex Japan box brochure
Forex Japan 2014 Calendar
Forex Japan 2016 calendar
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