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Business Services

If you have a wish and need to do business with Japanese people in Japan and abroad, we are here to guide you.


Not only we can provide Language Services (Translation / Interpretation), we can do the necessary research, connect you with the right people, and coordinate your travel to Japan.

  • Consultation

  • Coordination

  • Contents Writing

  • Mission Statement

  • Blog Ghost Writing

  • Brochure Copy

Tokyo Sleep TrunkHotel 190603



"Sono" became "Tokyo Sleep" and we continued to collaborate and supported their endeavor in Tokyo, and their new fashion and event venture based in New York City. We hold social music events in Tokyo featuring global talents until the Pandemic stopped everything. 






Instagram: @tokyo.sleep


Sono Vol 1 ~ 4:  2017-18

As Sono, in collaborating with an independent producer based in New York, we held events featuring electronic music and art video projection in Tokyo. We chose to hold these events at carefully selected art galleries instead of "live houses" to realize the highly specific aesthetic of the producer. Guests were able to mingle with each other in a relaxed atmosphere with drinks. The result pleased the participating artists and audiences alike as a "totally new kind of event in Tokyo". 

Vol 4 | 2018.08.11 

Polygon Omotesando

Vol 3 | 2018.03.10 

UltraSuperNew Gallery

VOL. 2 | 2017.07.22 

Carten Tokyo

VOL. 1 | 2017.04.22 | 16:00-22:00

UltraSuperNew Gallery

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