Mission Statement

CoCollaborations, LLC, a service company based in New York City was launched in the summer of 2017. We aspire to build cultural and business bridges between Japan and North America and to support the dreams and goals of our clients.


We support clients of any size.  We have worked with sole proprietors, corporations, and a Japanese government agency. We pore the same kind of passion into each project while striving to attain the highest quality results.  If you are a business owner or manager who is wondering, “I don’t know whom to hire”, please talk to us whatever the project.


We offer comprehensive services.  With a large network comprised of our thoroughly experienced staff, we constantly utilize human resource research and choose the collaborator or team that’s a perfect fit for each project. Our goal is to design a service that is perfectly suited to our clients’ needs and wishes. Our job is to pinpoint your need, and help lead you to success. 


We support female business owners and senior entrepreneurs.  From our own experience, we understand how difficult it is for women, or mothers especially, to value their personal life and be successful in the public sphere at the same time. I had a father who started a new business venture in his late 60s, and I started this business in my late 50s.  I firmly believe that age is no obstacle to following one’s dream.


Lastly, I support the success of each collaborator.  My management philosophy is to be transparent and fair.  My aspiration is to collaborate in a way that satisfies and contributes to prosperity for all.



Coco Masuda

Founder & Managing Director