Yumiko has been practicing Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) since the age of 7.

In 1983, she joined Kakushin Shodo school, one of the renowned artistic calligraphy organizations in Japan, and obtained a master certificate in 1997.

Her calligraphies have been selected for the Sankei Shinbun National Exhibition numerous times. Though many Japanese calligraphers belong to organizations, Yumiko has been independent since her relocation to the United States and started teaching. When our managing director, Coco Masuda, curated a group show of contemporary Japanese calligraphy in a Chelsea gallery in 2012, she included Yumiko's work. That's when their working relationship began.


Back in Tokyo since 2015, Yumiko owns "Studio Kotonoha" and continues to teach calligraphy while pursuing her own career as an artist. 

Please contact us to discuss how Yumiko's original Japanese calligraphy (lettering) can enhance your product or a project. 

Yumiko Tomita

Japanese Calligrapher