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Coco worked on the brand identity design and three years of seasonal direct mailing design for a Japanese lifestyle brand/store. As a motif for the store identity, she chose a photograph of the water's surface from a lake in New York City's Central Park.


She changed the format of the mailing changed every year. 


Client: SMP (Space M Projects, LTD., Japan)

Sector: Retail

Graphic Designer: Coco Masuda

Photo Art Direction: Masako Matsuura / SMP

Illustration: Coco Masuda, Stephen Salerno

E•te Shopping Bags
E•te Afternoon Tea Invite
E•te 1st Anniversary Invite
E•the 4th Year Postcards
E•te Summer Invite
E•te Spring Invite
E•te Fall Invite
E•te 2nd Anniversary Invite
E•te Summer Invite
E•te Fall Invite
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