Coordination & Production Services

In Collaboration with talented professionals, we can provide various coordination services in both New York and Tokyo such as: 

Please feel free to inquire and discuss your needs. 

Event Production

In Collaboration with talented professionals, we can provide event coordination services in both New York and Tokyo. 




We continue to collaborate with Sam. G, and support TOKYO SLEEP, his new fashion and event venture based in New York City, in every aspect of the business, and we hold social music events in Tokyo featuring global talents. 






Instagram: @tokyo.sleep



Sono Vol 1 ~ 4:  2017-18



As Sono, in collaborating with Sam. G, an independent producer based in New York, we held events featuring electronic music and art video projection in Tokyo. We chose to hold these events at carefully selected art galleries instead of "live houses" to realize the highly specific esthetic of Sam G. Guests were able to mingle with each other in the relaxed atmosphere with drinks. The result pleased the participating artists and audiences alike as "totally new kind of event in Tokyo". 

Vol 4 | 2018.08.11 

Polygon Omotesando

Vol 3 | 2018.03.10 

UltraSuperNew Gallery

VOL. 2 | 2017.07.22 

Carten Tokyo

VOL. 1 | 2017.04.22 | 16:00-22:00

UltraSuperNew Gallery

Support in

Art Fair and Trade Show 


We can support your participating in art fairs and trade shows in NYC and other US cities from planning to executing.


  • Filling the application

  • Designing the booth

  • Consultation in selecting the right artists and products for the market 

  • Coordinating the necessary supplies and services with the local venders

  • Marketing

  • Arranging your stay

  • Staffing


Art Buying Service

We provide the service to select and bring well curated art to your office and home. 

More service details to come soon. 

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